FAQ for Online Appointments

What appointments are not appropriate for a GP/ Nurse Practitioner?

It is not appropriate to see GP/Nurse Practitioner for the following:

  • Blood Tests (These should only be booked with Health Care assistant and are available online)
  • Health checks
  • annual reviews
  • Travel advice / Vaccinations
  • Smears / swabs
  • Routine blood pressure check
  • Contraception/Pill check (no appointment required) – Use our Drop in clinic every Monday 3-5pm

If you have any of the above, please contact the surgery to book an appointment with the Nurse or Health Care Assistant.

When is it appropriate to see the Nurse Practitioner?

The Nurse Practitioner runs a minor ailment clinic every morning. This is a deal with acute minor illnesses. To allow this minor ailment clinic to run effectively only ONE acute problem can be dealt with during this appointment.

Why can’t I book with the Nurse / Health Care Assistant?

Nurse/Health Care Assistant appointment duration varies depending on the conditions/treatment. These can vary from 10-40 minutes. Therefore we require you to call the surgery to book the appropriate appointment with one of our receptionists.

I have more than one problem, can I book online?

In order to provide you with the best care, we require all patients with more than one problem to book a double appointment by ringing the surgery. Please note if you book an appointment online, only one problem will be dealt with.

Why can’t I see the Doctor of my choice?

Please see ‘opening times’ tab that shows which days each GP works. Please note that the GP may be on call and therefore not available for routine appointments.

How do I book a routine appointment?

Appointments become available on a daily basis. These are staggered over a four week period to allow appointments that are needed over the next few days to weeks.

If you require a routine appointment and this is not available when you check online/ring the surgery, please try again as these may become available later.

I cannot attend my appointment, how can I cancel it?

It is really important that you cancel your appointment as soon as you can; it is never too late as these appointments can be used for other patients. You can call the surgery or cancel online.

Repeated failure to notify us may result in you being asked to leave the practice. (Please see Appointments- missed appointments).

Why am I asked what the problem is when booking an appointment?

For you to be given the appropriate appointment it is important to ask the nature of the problem. This is to avoid you being booked with the wrong type of clinician and wasting your time.

Please note all our staff are trained and work to NHS confidentiality protocols.

Minor Ailments Clinic

Our Nurse Practitioner runs a minor ailment clinic in the morning. If you have a single, acute minor illness it would be appropriate for you to book an appointment online or by telephone. There are appointments available on a daily basis and can be booked for the following day.

Please be aware you can see the Pharmacist for minor ailments as part of the minor ailment service. If after consultation with the Pharmacist you require any medicines these will be provided free if you do not pay for your prescriptions. Please collect an Access card from surgery.

Please see ‘Choose Well section’ for a list of conditions which are suitable for the Minor Ailment Clinic.